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So Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting a divorce.  I try not to get caught up in the wildfire of celebrity gossip, because it really doesn’t effect me.  You’ll see how much I have my finger on the pulse because apparently this happened days ago and it’s just sinking in for me.

I feel a little something when shit goes down for Sandra Bullock or Matthew McConnaghey, because they live in Austin (I’m told).

by Christa Hickey, Creative Commons License through Wikimedia

But the spectacle that was made of Pitt’s divorce from Jennifer Aniston … and the circus that’s going to surround him and Jolie and their herd of children as this divorce plays out … it makes me sad that it even gets so much air.

I didn’t need Pitt and Aniston to assure me of the possibility of love – I’m all set there – and my faith in marriage sure isn’t shaken by the trials and tribulations of the Sexiest Man Alive and the Maxim Magazine Hot Bitch of the Century or whatever these people are billing themselves as.

So many people get caught up in the lives of celebrities that they act like they own those celebrities.  Like they are entitled to intimate details about their lives somehow.

The YouTube paparazzi generation has certainly heeded the call.  They blast their lives on the internet in search of attention and significance, to try and get something back.  And inevitably they put too much out there, and you have another almost-celebrity weeping on TMZ about how she had no idea putting out a sex tape would have such a backlash … or she just commits suicide.

Brad Pitt the Brad Pitts of the world have been warning us, actually.  They tell us “Be careful what you wish for.  Celebrity is hard.  I wouldn’t have wished it on myself; I just wanted to act, and now my life is very complicated.”

But we don’t listen.  We just say, “Oh shut up, Mr. Sexiest Man Alive.  Take that shit back to your ocean-front mansion in Malibu and the swimming pool full of money and and your guest-house harem.  You really expect us to believe that we wouldn’t want your life?”

The man is about to be twice-divorced.  That’s a tough bead for anyone.

They keep warning us, and we keep not listening.

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