About Me

Hey, guys!  My name is Ben, and I live in beautiful Austin, TX.

Earlier this year, I sold my DVB product e-commerce site.

It was my baby … I spent years building it, marketing it, tearing my hair out getting it to work, and then obsessing over growing it.

It allowed me to quit my 9-to-5.  It became successful and allowed me to buy me and my wife some of the toys and the freedoms we used to talk about, secretly, late nights in bed when no one was around to laugh at us.

Although it produced income, it didn’t exactly create a bunch of free time or emotional peace of mind.  Sometimes I sat up bolt-upright in the night, explaining the difference between a DreamBox and an OpenBox to the shadows.  My wife thought I was wigging out.

If running the business took a lot out of me, I was dreaming if I thought selling it would free up emotional RAM.  Selling my business was a year-long process that left me feeling like I had gone 16 rounds in the ring with Muhammad Ali.

But when it was done, we had a nice payout.  We’re not multimillionaires, but we bought ourselves some serious breathing room.

So what did I do with my newfound freedom?

Well, the wife and I took our dream vacation to Europe for a few weeks …

Then, I sat down on my ass and got caught up on Netflix.

Did you know there’s a show called “Narcos?”  And another one called “Breaking Bad?”  And one called “Archer?”  Have you heard of these guys?

Fast-forward to six months later …

I knew something had to change when I stood on the scale and discovered I had gained 10 pounds.

Then I looked in the mirror and saw my pale, splotchy skin.

Also, my wife left me.

Just kidding.  She’s still here, thank God.  (Hi, Honey!)  But I know I’ve been trying her patience.  (… Honey?)

I’ve discovered that sitting on ass only fulfills you so much.  I need a new project.  Maybe not another e-commerce site, but SOMETHING.

A new blog seems like a good place to start.

I don’t have a theme yet, other than my search for meaning in a world without overdue bills …

… but I have sale proceeds that need to be re-invested, so I’ll be listening to audiobooks and reading as much as I can about what to invest in …

… I’ll be looking into new business models and how I can make them work for me …

… and I’ll be counting my blessings, reflecting on a bright future (assuming I don’t take my good fortune and screw it right the hell up – always a possibility) and hoping that some of what I learn may trickle down to you, reader, for Karma’s sake … and more likely, maybe some of your wisdom will trickle up to me and make me less of a space-cadet.

I would love to talk to other entrepreneurs and dreamers and hear what has worked for you, compare notes, and powwow.  Bonus points if you’re in Texas.

Hit me up here.  Can’t wait to hear from y’all!